The new functions of the Online Quote and Order System

New: Show quantity of stock items

From now on, when ordering stock products, you can directly see the number of available stock products in our online shop. In case your desired quantity is not on stock anymore, you can decide whether you would like to accept longer shipment times or reduce your order quantity to keep the shipping date.

If you decide to order the higher quantity, please cross “I want the MISUMI Customer Service to check this record and give us a solution.” The customer service will then find out the expected shipping date for you.

Part number checker

From now on you can find a part number checker on our start page in the „customer service” box. Here, you have the possibility to insert up to 20 part numbers and check their correctness. This function is especially helpful when you have recurring orders of the same products as you can check the error-prone part numbers before placing your order. Just paste your part number here.

In our online shop, you can now order products from more than 600 brands: Please note therefore that you have to choose the correct brand name. You can find the brand of your product on the product detail page, next to the product picture.

Preferred ship date for high quantity orders

When ordering high quantities, you now have the possibility to choose your preferred ship date. You can choose it easily in the online ordering system when the alert message appears. In this way, our customer service can check whether your order can be delivered until your desired date.

Quotes made by E-Mail or Fax now visible in the online shop

Quotes made via E-Mail or Fax are now also visible in your quote and order history. Just choose “Fax, e-mail etc.” in the drop-down menu “Quoted Via”. You can then make an order from your quote.

Important information: Products of third-party suppliers (non MISUMI products) with a lead time of 4 days or less can be cancelled within 2 hours after order placement. Please refer to our cancellation policy and T&C for further details.